Is JUIF Even Interested In Election Reforms?

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In an exclusive interview, Munizae Jahangir asks Akram Durrani (Leader of the Opposition, Provincial Assembly Khyber Pakhtunkhwa) if the Rahbar Committee has reached an agreement on reforms in the election committee. Durrani was adamant that no agreement can be reached while the Prime Minister is still in office – reforms cannot be ensured while Imran Khan remains in power.

Should the Prime Minister not cave in to demands for his resignation, Durrani said that the Rahbar Committee was open to discuss in-house change. However, when asked who was in consideration for the in-house change, Durrani did not comment.
Durrani also made mention of Pervez Khattak referring to Justice Shaukat Siddiqui and Justice Faez Isa’s judgements on the protest/dharna, and questioned whether the current government preached what it didn’t practice.

As for the march itself, Durrani reiterated that their protest was not going anywhere any time soon. Sheikh Rashid’s remarks that the march was going to end in a handful of days were baseless, and the marchers have been reassured by the Govt Committee to disregard them entirely.