In several cases of prolonged incarceration AGHS through its prison project provided legal services and had three women released and exonerated of all charges. These women had no hope of release as they had no access to financial and family support. AGHS facilitated the release of Sidra bibi who was sentenced to Imprisonment for life by the Sessions Court vide judgment dated 23.11.2011. AGHS took her case through one of the prison visits and represented her in Lahore High Court in appeal against the conviction. She was acquitted of all charges on 18th June 2019 after 8 years through the effort of AGHS Legal Team.

AGHS also facilitated the release of Kalsoom Bibi who was arrested on 23rd Dec 2013 and was convicted by the Additional Sessions Judge on 7th May 2016. She was sentenced to rigorous Imprisonment for life with fine. Kalsoom Bibi’s case was also one of the appeals that AGHS received during one of the prison visits. AGHS represented her in the Lahore High Court and got her acquitted of all charges on 8th May 2019.

In another case Naziran Bibi was arrested in 2011, on suspicion of murdering her husband and there was no evidence against her. Yet on 13th Dec 2012, she was convicted by Sessions Court and sentenced to imprisonment for life with a heavy fine. AGHS represented her at the appellate forum after receiving her appeal during one of the prison visits. Through the efforts of AGHS legal team she was acquitted of all charges after seven years on 6th Dec 2018. AGHS provides free legal aid to the victims of human rights abuses.