Rabia Rustam


Rabia Rustam, a minor girl, working as a domestic worker in a household was raped and otherwise physically abused at the hands of her employer Atta Ullah. Rabia was 12 years of age when the incident took place and was subjected to further ‘unnatural’ acts of physical abuse on 2 to 3 separate occasions. During this time Rabia was forcefully kept out of contact with her parents and family.
On May 6th, 2018, Rabia ran away from the house of the accused and returned to her mother. Following her escape Rabia’s mother, Khursheed Bibi lodged an F.I.R (FIR No. 1066/2018) under Section 376 PPC against Atta Ullah in Shahdara Police Station Lahore. Rabia Rustam should not have been employed as a domestic worker in the first place because the Punjab Domestic Workers Act 2019 entails under Section 3 that no child under the age of 15 years is permitted to be employed in a household under any capacity.
The case is in trial court and AGHS is providing free legal aid to Rabia and representing her in the case.