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Thousands come out for peace in Kurram district

Thousands of people In Kurram district have rallied against the re-emergence of the outlawed Tehrik-e-Taliban Pakistan (TTP) in tribal areas of Khyber Pakhtunkhwa.

‘Cannot sacrifice any more’: Tribals worry of terrorists’ resurgence

Resurgence of militant activity in KP's Khyber district has put residents on edge, while law enforcement claim the situation is under control.

Residents in Swat hold protests against Taliban resurgence

Residents and civil society representatives have held demonstrations in Kabal and Khaza Khela areas to voice their concern at a possible reemergence of Taliban militants in Swat.
Impact of Talibanization on Women in Afghanistan and Pakistan

UNCENSORED | Impact of Talibanization on Women in Afghanistan and Pakistan

Speakers at the Asma Jahangir Conference 2021 – Challenges to Human Dignity raised alarm over the crumbling humanitarian crisis in Afghanistan, and appealed to Pakistan and the international community to push the Afghan Taliban to ensure rights and dignity to Afghan women and girls.

Torkham to Kabul: In conversation with senior journalist Farzana Ali

Aaj TV's Peshawar bureau chief and senior journalist Farzana Ali talks to voicepk.net about exploring human stories in Pakistan's tribal belt, and how it led up to her visit to Taliban-led Afghanistan
Rights Watch

Rights Watch – 20th September 2021

Police have arrested a resident of Somar Goth in Steel Town, Karachi for raping a seven-year-old girl on Saturday. The suspect had reportedly snatched the girl as she slept.

Review GSP status if Pakistan fails to persuade Taliban: EU

In a resolution on Afghanistan, the EU Parliament has asked Pakistan to use its influence on the Taliban to ensure stability in the war-torn country.

Afghan Junior Women’s Football team make it to Pakistan

Members, officials & families of the Afghanistan National Girls’ Junior Football reached Pakistan on special 30-day visas

Torkham to Kabul – Part 1

Aaj TV Peshawar bureau chief Farzana Ali recounts her journey from the Torkham border to the seat of power in Afghanistan under Taliban rule.

PFUJ calls for beefing up journalists’ security in wake of TTP threat

Expressing deep concern over the TTP threat to media, PFUJ asked the government and the media owners to take steps to increase security of journalists