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Rights Watch | 27th June 2022

In an interview with a private news channel, Federal Minister for Human Rights Mian Riaz Hussain Pirzada claimed that some missing persons were in contact with Kulbhushan Jadhav, and suggested that the issue of missing persons be handled by security agencies rather than a commission

Rights Watch | 11th June 2022

The parents of a 25-year-old woman have accused her husband and in-laws in Jati Pind village of burning her alive on Friday. The father of the victim claims she was being abused for the past few years.

Rights Watch | 9th June 2022

The Sindh High Court on Wednesday allowed Dua Zehra to choose whom she would like to go with, and ruled that the case did not warrant kidnapping charges. However, her father alleges she wanted to record another statement and return home.

Rights Watch | 8th June 2022

According to a research report, a total of 131 women were kidnapped across Pakistan in May 2022. A man allegedly shot dead his sister and a youth for honour in Dera Ghazi Khan.

Rights Watch | 7th June 2022

Recording her statement before the SHC, Dua Zehra refused to return with her parents, prompting the court to order an ossification test to determine her age.

Rights Watch | 6th June 2022

Jhelum Police on Sunday arrested 5 men accused of gang-raping a woman within 24 hours of the incident. Meanwhile, the Punjab Govt has decided to reactivate the post of AIG Gender Crimes.

Rights Watch | 2nd June 2022

The Supreme Court on Wednesday granted bail to a man accused of blasphemy, citing the prosecution’s “lack of interest” regarding the case. The court also reprimanded the police for becoming the plaintiff in the case

Rights Watch | 1st June 2022

One Abid Ali, a former police officer, shot dead his sister Sajida (50) over a property dispute before taking his own life in Lahore's Nawankot area. Reportedly, the two were in a dispute regarding Sajida's share in a piece of inherited property.

Rights Watch | 20th May 2022

Digital Rights Foundation Pakistan reported that it received a total of 11,681 complaints regarding cyber harassment in the past 5 years. Women comprised a majority of complainants at 68%.

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