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Rights Watch | 29th April 2021

One Rubina, who had been gravely wounded after being stabbed by her husband Ejaz some days back , succumbed to her injuries while under treatment at a hospital on Wednesday. Her husband had assailed her following a minor altercation. For more human rights news, keep reading.

Rights Watch | 28th April 2021

Rahim Yar Khan Additional Deputy Commissioner-General recommended lodging cases and expelling four monitoring and evaluation assistants (MEAs) under the Protection Against Harassment of Women at the Workplace Act 2010 after it was found the officials were sexually harassing teachers at during visits to girls schools. For more stories on human rights abuses, keep reading.

Rights Watch | 27th April 2021

A woman languishing in pain for the past three days in Peshawar's Hayatabad Medical Complex after she was on fire by her husband and in-laws succumbed to her injuries on Monday. For more news on human rights abuses, keep reading.

Rights Watch | April 26th 2021

A man and his father in Sanghar have been arrested for allegedly killing his 10-year-old sister to trap his father-in-law in the murder case.

Rights Watch | 24th April 2021

The Sindh Assembly on Friday passed the Sindh Child Protection Authority (Amendment) Act 2021 under which special child courts will be established in all districts in the province. For more news on human rights, keep reading.

Rights Watch | 23rd April 2021

A sessions court rejected an appeal filed by Syed Ali Azhar for the custody of his underage 'wife' Arzoo Raja. The Sindh High Court on November 9, 2020, held that Azhar had violated provisions of the Sindh Child Marriages Restraint Act and was expressly barred from meeting the 14-year-old. For more human rights​ news, keep reading.

Rights Watch | 22nd April 2021

The KP police department has issued new SOP under which regional and district police officers will supervise rape investigations within their jurisdictions across the province. For more human rights news, keep reading.

Rights Watch | 21st April 2021

Police registered cases for three separate sexual assaults that took place on Tuesday in Khurrianwala. Among the survivors is an eight-year-old girl who was reportedly molested by three men while out playing in a street. For more human rights news, keep reading.

Rights Watch | 20th April 2021

The body of a beautician, who went missing in October of 2020, was recovered from a farmhouse owned by Major (retired) Mehboob Akhtar Mian in Memon Goth. A suspect arrested in the case alleged the motive was to usurp the victim's husband's retirement funds, however police will determine the truth after the arrest of the retired major.

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کیا شہری ہوا بازی کے وفاقی وزیر غلام سرور خان نے پی آئی اے پر خود کش حملہ کیا؟

Jul 05. 2020: کپٹین خالد تنویر ہیں جنہوں نے اپنی زندگی کے 25 بہترین سال پی آئی اے میں بطور پائلٹ کے گزارے تھے مگر اب انکا نام بھی مشکوک یا جعلی لایسنس رکھنے والے پائلٹس کی لسٹ میں آ گیا ہے جو وفاقی وزیر شہری ہوا بازی غلام سرور خان نے قومی اسمبلی میں پیش کی تھی ...

PALPA terms list about dubious licenses as ‘fake’

Jul 05. 2020: Khalid Tanwir is a retired commercial airline pilot who has given 25 precious years of his life to the Pakistan International Airlines (PIA); he has the experience of thousands of flight hours. But on June 25, 2020, a bombshell ...

International Stories

2,107 Pak prisoners to return home from KSA

May 11th, 2021; By Rehan Piracha; LAHORE; After two years of Saudi promise, over 2000 Pakistani prisoners in Saudi Arabia will finally be repatriated home under an agreement signed between Islamabad and Riyadh on exchange of convicted prisoners.

وزیراعظم کا یورپی یونین کے تحفظات دور کرنے کا عندیہ

مئی ٤ ٢٠٢١; تحریر: ریحان پراچہ; لاہور; وزیراعظم عمران خان نے عندیہ دیا ہے کہ پاکستان ختم نبوت کے قانون پر سمجھوتہ نہیں کرے گا لیکن یورپی یونین کے تحفظات دور کرے گا جس کا احاطہ حالیہ یورپی پارلیمان کی قرار داد میں کیا گی

UNDP highlights glaring economic inequality in the country

April 20th, 2021; Staff Report; LAHORE; According to the 'National Human Rights Development' report released by the United Nations Development Program (UNDP), at least six percent of Pakistan’s gross domestic product (GDP) is handed over to the elite class in the form of direct or indirect privileges.

India’s new laws are discriminating against Kashmiris: UN experts

April 17th, 2021; By Rehan Piracha; LAHORE; India’s illegal annexation of Indian Occupied Jammu and Kashmir and imposition of new laws in the disputed territory discriminate against Muslim and other minorities in employment and land ownership, UN human rights expert stated in a letter to New Delhi in February.