Meesha's legal team has reacted to the reporting by FIA that she was held ‘guilty’ saying it is for the court to decide whether she is guilty or not.
Women took to the streets in the annual Aurat marches across major cities in Pakistan to highlight issues ranging from lack of justice and education to social protection and employment on the International Women’s Day.
Pumping their sister with bullets, Awais and Farooq thrashed her newborn son against the ground and then strangled him to death. The assailants buried mother and child in a pit, but when police unearthed the bodies days later, they saw that Aimen's arms were wrapped around her son. They speculate she might have been alive when buried and reached for her son in her final moments.
October 28th, 2020; By Rehan Piracha; LAHORE; A first-ever law on allowing 30-day leave for expecting fathers on the birth of a child has cleared another hurdle after approval from the National Assembly committee on law and justice.
June 26, 2021; By Shere Azam; KARACHI; Members of civil society took to protesting in front of the Karachi Press Club over the PM's statement recently relating women's clothing to rape.
March 15th, 2021; By Baseer Qalandar; PESHAWAR; A 13-year-old boy from the Safaid Sang Malazai area of Peshawar committed suicide by hanging himself in the lockup of the West Peshawar police station on Sunday, March 14. Seventh-grader Shahzeb was the youngest of two sisters and two brothers.
تحریر: احمد سعید; فیصل آباد; ایک ہفتے تک مبینہ طور پر جنسی زیادتی کا نشانہ بننے والی فیصل آباد کی دو کم عمر بہنیں پولیس کے عدم تعاون کے باوجود انصاف حاصل کر نے کے لئے پر عزم .
The NA has yet to vote on the referral of the domestic violence bill to the CII.
BY XARI JALIL: The suicide rates in Sindh especially among the Scheduled Castes are at an alarmingly high rate. Our investigative report finds out the reasons why so many people in this community resort to killing themselves. The answers are grim.
A ground breaking feature of the PSCA's Women Safety app is sending user coordinates in order to ensure an immediate police response.