An entire village has opted to stay quiet about the murder of Spanish sisters Aneesa and Arooj, prompting police to become complainants in the case.

Women bear brunt of floods

As the flood waters refuse to recede and thousands remain marooned and cut off from basic relief and aid, some groups have been left in a much more vulnerable situation than others.
February 13th, 2021; By Rehan Piracha; LAHORE; In another brutal ‘honour killing’, a man has been arrested for strangling to death his married sister and burying her body in a nearby graveyard in Faisalabad.
A Rikshaw driver & his accomplice gang-raped a mother & her daughter. speaks to the sole eyewitness of the incident.
فیصل آباد کے رہائشی آصف مسیح کا اپنی بارہ سالہ بیٹی کے اغوا کے بعد جبری مذہب تبدیلی اور زبردستی شادی کروانے کا دعوی. عدالت نے کم عمری کو نظر انداز کر کے شوہر کے ساتھ بھیج دیا : چھوٹے بہن بھائی ایک دفعہ ہر ماں کے پیار سے محروم
Police on Monday clamped down on teachers protesting for regularization in Karachi, with women protesters also being beaten and dragged into police wagons.
“The men who raped me 20 yrs ago give me death threats to this day. The local police refuse to take action. I had to flee my village & go into hiding to protect my children,” says Mukhtar Mai, in conversation with Munizae Jahangir.
November 9th, 2020; Bureau report; LAHORE; A medical board has told the Sindh High Court in Karachi that Arzoo Raja, a Christian girl forcefully converted and married to a Muslim man, is between the age of 14 and 15 years.
Following today’s adjournment of Meesha Shafi’s cross examination due to non-availability of either parties’ counsels, the singer criticized media for claiming she was not showing up in court
In a country where only 13% of the girls are still in school by the time they reach the ninth grade, it is not surprising that families do not focus on their education and career.