A female civil servant from the tribal district of South Waziristan has become an overnight national hero on social media for bravely evacuating residents amid recent floods in Nowshera.

Women bear brunt of floods

As the flood waters refuse to recede and thousands remain marooned and cut off from basic relief and aid, some groups have been left in a much more vulnerable situation than others.
BY XARI JALIL: The suicide rates in Sindh especially among the Scheduled Castes are at an alarmingly high rate. Our investigative report finds out the reasons why so many people in this community resort to killing themselves. The answers are grim.
In a country where only 13% of the girls are still in school by the time they reach the ninth grade, it is not surprising that families do not focus on their education and career.
17 prisoners, believed to be of Indian origin, have been languishing in Pakistan's prisons for over a decade. Due to their mental state, the Interior Ministry and the Indian High Commission have so far been unable to identify their nationality
By Lateef Johar Baloch: Does anyone remember the mass graves with dozens of bodies that were discovered in Jan 2014, when PML-N was in power? But instead of investigating and carrying out the forensic procedures, the bodies were forcibly reburied.
By Malik Siraj Akbar: In a nutshell, the Pakistani State is pushing the Baluch youth to extreme levels, and so are the Baluch insurgents. There is an immediate need to defeat these two extreme positions to save the young Baluch. 
With the passing of celebrated author Sara Suleri on March 21, her friends and loved ones, in a moment of grieving, recall their fondest memories of her.

The Kids are Alright?

By Xari Jalil & Ahmed Saeed: A VOICEPK INVESTIGATIVE REPORT The case will be presented in a series of reports

Protecting Journalists on Paper Only

VoicePk discusses "Media monopolies & Financial security of media professionals" with senior journalist Hamid Mir & lawyer Umer Gillani The duo was asked to submit research reports on these issues by the IHC