Yasir Waqas's journey is one about contradictions, of the idea innate clashing with the idea implanted. Abandoning life as a certified glider pilot and the expectations of his family, he seeks to express his inner conflict through art that is now being showcased the world over.
Journalist Imran Riaz has been charged with treason in the various FIRs lodged against him by ordinary citizens. However, as per section 196 of the CrPC, only the state has the power to lodge such cases.
سینیٹ کی قائمہ کمیٹی برائے انسانی حقوق نے صحافی اور اینکرپرسن عمران ریاض خان کی گرفتاری نوٹس لیا ہے جبکہ ایمنسٹی انٹرنیشنل نے انکی گرفتاری پر سخت تشویش کا اظہار کیا ہے
How blasphemy victims and their defence counsels are ostracised in Pakistan
The Islamabad High Court (IHC) has said the Commission on Inquiry on Enforced Disappearances (COIED) had not been able to effectively achieve its object of bringing an end to the impunity against ‘enforced disappearances’ despite a decade of its existence.
PTM leader and parliamentarian Ali Wazir was pictured detained barefoot with torn clothes at Jinnah Hospital Karachi. The images generated public outcry, with civil society and human rights activists demanding his release and condemning the still-undecided 16-month-old charges against him.
Trade unionists, home-based workers and blue-collar workers on Sunday registered their strong protest against inflation, and called for a repeal of anti-poor policies under the IMF deal
Scores of activists of Pakistan Tehrik Insaf were detained in cities across Punjab as Interior Minister Rana Sanaullah announced that the federal government would not allow the PTI to hold its long march to Islamabad on May 25.
The Islamabad High Court and Lahore High Court have granted protective bail to news anchors Arshad Sharif, Moeed Pirzada, Sami Ibrahim and Imran Riaz Khan after a slew of sedition cases were registered against them in cities across the country.
Usman Dar, a leader of Pakistan Tehrik Insaf, was detained by police for several hours along with party workers in Sialkot over attempting to hold a public gathering on a church school ground despite protests by the local Christian community.