August 1, 2020

By Umar Bacha


The mother of 26 year old student Izhar-ul-Haq laments that her son and his cousin were killed without reason while the local media has been declaring them terrorists.

“My son was a peace lover and a hardworking boy studying in an Islamabad based university,” she said speaking to “I can go anywhere to tell the authorities what really happened in the incident. My son was not a terrorist – he was a student and had been working in a factory after lockdown. He was killed mercilessly. I demand answers from the authorities as to why my innocent son was killed!” she said.

On July 28, 2020, a raid at the house of Hakim Bibi, in the Ronai area of Chilas (Diamer district of Gilgit-Baltistan left her only son killed. The raid was conducted by the Counter Terrorism Department (CTD) and was conducted on grounds of information about some terrorists. However allegedly the informer had given incorrect information, and the police raided Izhar-ul-Haq’s house by mistake.

A first information report (FIR) of the incident was registered against unknown persons by the Diamer police. The FIR said that there was a group of terrorists outside the house who had attacked the police because of which five policemen and two civilians were killed. The two civilians were Izhar-ul-Haq and his cousin Basharatullah.

In a twist however, a relative, Ozair Ahmed, claims that the family did have personal enmity with the CTD informer Samiullah. Police have also lodged an FIR against the informer Samiullah after the incident, while the Diamer Itehad Students Organisation has demanded serious and immediate action against the police officials, and informers involved in the incident.

According to developments in the case, the Additional Inspector General of CTD (GB), Hafeez ur Rehman has also been transferred after the incident.


Izhar-ul-Haq’s mother, Hakima Bibi, maintains that is not exactly true. She says it was midnight when someone knocked at her door. When she asked who it was a voice said it was her neighbours. In this region, it is common to have enmities and that is why for safety purposes no one people refrain from opening the door in the middle of the night. This is why Hakima Bibi did not open the door. However at that moment her son came out of the room to check who it was and they discovered that it was the police.

“There were two police women who then pushed me inside my room and locked me in; then my son was taken outside,” she narrates tearfully. “I heard gun shots. I screamed and cried for them to unlock the door but they did not allow me out. Meanwhile some police officers also died but I have no idea who fired upon them. After the whole incident the remaining officers fled the scene.”

When Hakima Bibi came out of the room there was bodies lying around. Her son Izhar was lying in a pool of blood, dead.


Izhar-ul-Haq was a fifth semester student in the BS English department at National University of Modern Languages (NUML) Islamabad.

Tahir Malik, his teacher at NUML, says that Izhar-ul-haq was an obedient, peaceful and polite student and that he could never imagine him involved in any terrorist activities. He condemned his extrajudicial killing demanded a judicial inquiry into the incident.

Meanwhile Izhar-ul-Haq’s close friend Hassan Ali, told that they had been together for the last three years in the same college and then in hostel and there was no comparison of Izhar’s kindness.

“He was an honest person and I refuse to believe that he was a terrorist,” he said, demanding justice for his best friend. “He was the best person in the world for me as it is not usual to meet such people,” said Ali while crying.

Naeemullah, Izhar-ul-Haq’s neighbour and friend says he worked as a daily wager in a block factory in Chilas since the pandemic. “He was a peaceful man, who offered all his prayers,” he said remembering how he had last met him outside the mosque.

“Izhar-ul-Haq was a CSS aspirant and he wished to prepare for it after graduation, sadly his life was cut short.” Naeemullah says he had seen how badly Izhar’s elderly mother was mourning and after the incident when people had come out of their houses they had seen the dead bodies in the street.

Izhar-ul-haq did not belong from a very privileged family, and tried to do all he could on his own, say people who knew him well. The authorities must do what is required so his family gets justice.